Test (Unit 7) Срок отправки работы – 22. 03 Read the text «How We Kept Mother’s Day» icon

Test (Unit 7) Срок отправки работы – 22. 03 Read the text «How We Kept Mother’s Day»

НазваниеTest (Unit 7) Срок отправки работы – 22. 03 Read the text «How We Kept Mother’s Day»
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TEST (Unit 7)

Срок отправки работы – 22.03

1. Read the text «How We Kept Mother’s Day». Some sentences are incomplete. Choose A,B,C to complete the text.

How We Kept Mother’s Day

I think celebrating «Mother’s Day» once a year is a very good idea. So we decided to have a special celebration of ........(1). We thought it was a fine idea. We knew how much Mother did for us and so we decided that we should do everything we could to make Mother happy. We decided .......(2).We asked Mother to arrange the decoration because she always does it on holidays. My sisters got new hats for such an important day. We wanted to buy ........(3) for Mother too, but she said that she liked her old hat better and didn’t want a new one.

Well, after breakfast we decided to take Mother for a beautiful drive away into the country. Mother is never able to go to the country because she.........(4).

But then we changed the plan a little. Father decided to take Mother fishing. When everything was ready for the trip we asked Mother to prepare ......(5). Well, when the car came to the door, we saw that there was not enough place in it for us all. Father said that he could stay at home and work in the garden. Then two girls, Anne and Mary, said that they could stay at home, but as they had new hats, it would be a pity if no one looked at them.

In the end it was decided that Mother could stay at home and make dinner. Mother doesn’t like fishing.

So we all drove away, and Mother stood and watched us from the verandah as long as she could see us.

Well, we had a very nice day .....(6). Father caught ......(7). The girls met some friends and they talked about hats. It was quite late when we got back.

At last everything was ready and we sat down to a wonderful dinner. Mother got up and down many times during dinner; she brought things from the kitchen and......(8). When the dinner was over all of us wanted to help Mother to wash the dishes. But .......(9) that she could do it herself, and so we let her because we wanted to make her happy.

It was quite late when it was all over, and when we all kissed Mother before going to bed, she said it had been the most..... (10).

  1. A. ......Halloween B......Mother’s Day C.......Guy Fawkes Day

  2. A......to decorate the house with flowers B......to go to Spain in summer C......to buy a new car

  3. A......a little cat B......a new hat C......a nice dress

  4. A......doesn’t like to go abroad B......didn’t drive any more C.....is busy in the house nearly all the time.

  5. A.....some soup B......for the party C..... some sandwiches.

  6. A..... in the country B.....in the mountains C.....at the seaside

  7. A......a very large shark B...... a lot of big fish C.....his shirt on a nail

  8. A.....wore her best dress B......laid the table C..... carried the dishes away

  9. A..... Mother said B.....Father said C......the girls said

  10. A..... happiest day in her life B.....best day in her life C...... wonderful day in her life

2.Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense (Past Simple or Present Perfect).

1) They (go) to the theatre last week.

2) My cousin (be) to the theatre three times this week.

3) Helen (come) home, (have) a short rest, and then (begin) to help her mother.

4) His niece just (write) the invitation letters.

5) Yesterday my aunt (go) and (buy) apples for a cake.

6) Don`t buy pizza. I already (make) an apple-pie.

7) Let`s have a bite to eat! (Давайте перекусим !) I (set) just the table.

8) My mother is angry. My elder brother (not, take out) rubbish.

9) What plants you (water) so far?

10) I (visit) my uncle and aunt last Saturday.

3. Ask 5 questions about the sentence : Mr Phipoll lives not far from the center of London.

1) ______________________________________, doesn`t he?

2) Who___________________________________________?

3)____________far or near___________________________?



4. Translate from Russian into English.

1. Мой папа бросил курить в прошлом году._______________________


2.  « Ты участвуешь в соревнованиях по теннису ? » - « Нет » - « Я недавно бросил заниматься теннисом »._____________________________________


3. Том хорошо ладит со всеми своими друзьями.______________________


4. На следующей неделе у нас будет большой концерт школьных музыкантов. Пожалуйста, подготовься. ______________________________


5. Я никогда не ел такой вкусный торт. Он замечательный. _____________



(Unit 8)

Срок отправки – 27.04

1. Read the text and do the exercise.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is a Canadian-American actor, comedian and producer. Carrey is famous for his title characters in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, “The Mask”, “Bruce Almighty” (“Брюс Всемогущий”), “Me, Myself & Irene”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events”.

Jim’s family was very poor and he had to work in the supermarket after school to help his parents. He made his professional debut at the age of 15, at “Yuk-Yuk’s”, one of the local comedy clubs, but his first performance failed

The film “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” immediately made Carrey a superstar and a millionaire. Today Jim Carrey is considered as one of the most well-paid comedians of the USA. He won 20 different awards including two “Golden Globe Awards”. You could see Carrey’s last film “Mr Popper`s Dolphins” in the cinema.

Decide if the following sentences are true (T) or false (F):

  1. Jim Carrey didn’t become popular immediately after his first performance. 

  2. The film “Me, Myself & Irene” made Jim Carrey a millionaire. 

  3. Jim Carrey made his debut when he was nineteen. 

  4. Carrey’s last film is “A Christmas Carol”. 

  5. Jim Carrey has 22 different awards. 

2. Fill in the gaps using one of the options:

  1. Albert Einstein was a famous _____ .

a) musician b) poet c) scientist d) politician

  1. William Shakespeare was an _____ English poet and playwright.

a) well b) outstanding c) special d) ancient

  1. Jude Law, an English actor and film producer _____ in London, in teachers’ family.

a) died b) published c) is free d) was born

  1. I am very _____ the work so I decided to go for a walk.

a) rich in b) tired of c) full of d) sure of

3. Fill in the appropriate article:

  1. Would you like to read _____ book he told us about?

a) a b) an c) the d) –

  1. _____ Moscow is the capital of _____ Russia.

a) a b) an c) the d) –

  1. We live on _____ third floor.

a) a b) an c) the d) –

  1. _____ Jack London is a well-known American writer.

a) a b) an c) the d) –

  1. I would like to have _____ hamburger for breakfast.

a) a b) an c) the d) –

  1. Alice is _____ most beautiful girl of our class.

a) a b) an c) the d) –

  1. I think Will Smith is _____ excellent actor.

a) a b) an c) the d) –

  1. _____ earth goes round _____ sun.

a) a b) an c) the d) –

3. Put in the correct form(Present Continuous or Present Simple)

1) A translator ________________ from one language into another. (translate)

2) Look! They _________________ the street. (cross)

3) Her daughter ____________________ French and German. (speak)

4) What _____ he__________ now? (do)

5) Vegetarians ________ not ___________ meat. (eat)

6) Don`t put the book away. I _____________ it. (need)

7) I`m hungry. I ______________ something to eat. (want)

4. Complete the sentences using the Past Simple or Present Perfect.

1) We _______ this newspaper _______________ (yesterday/read)

2) The children ______________ the pictures today. (take)

3) We _______ not ___________ the dinner yet. (cook)

4) George ______ not _________ out the rubbish yesterday. (take)

5) The weather ________ cold recently. (be)

Образец итоговой контрольной работы по английскому языку в 6 классе

На выполнение контрольной работы отводится 45 минут.

Максимальное количество баллов за выполнение заданий –42

Если ученик набрал менее 20 баллов – это низкий уровень работы. – Оценка 2

От 21 до 28 средний уровень выполнения работы. – Оценка 3

От 29 до 36– хороший уровень выполнения работы. – Оценка 4

От 37до 42 высокий уровень выполнения работы. - Оценка 5

Срок отправки работы – 03.05

Read the text.

Once, a poor peasant called Sasha went into the forest to cut a tree because he needed wood He saw an old lime tree and took his axe But the tree cried, “Don’t cut me down! I’m a magic lime tree!” “I don’t believe you.” “Make a wish and I’ll grant it!”

Sasha wanted to be rich. But he hated to work. “Make me a rich farmer,” asked Sasha. “Done !” cried the tree. When Sasha came home he saw his house was very rich. But Sasha wasn’t happy. Rich farmers had to work hard. But Sasha didn’t want to work. And a farmer paid taxes to the noble man.

So Sasha decided to become a nobleman. The lime tree made Sasha a nobleman. But he wasn’t happy again. The nobleman had to work hard and to pay taxes to the king. “The king doesn’t have to work!” said Sasha. “… Oh, no. I don’t want to be a king. If the nobleman has to work harder than the rich farmer…” Sasha thought that there must be somebody who didn’t work and who was more powerful than a king!

So Sasha went back into the forest. He couldn’t be happy. He didn’t want to work. “Lime tree! Give my wish or I’ll cut you down! I want to be someone who doesn’t work at all and who is the most powerful being in all the forest!” The lime tree sighed and Sasha became a great bear! “But I don’t want to be a bear!” “Why?” asked the tree. “Bears don’t work.” “Because everyone I know will be afraid of me!” cried Sasha. And at last Sasha said sadly, “You’re right and I was wrong. I was too greedy and lazy. Oh beautiful tree, I want to be me even if I have to work hard!” The tree laughed. And, Sasha was no longer a bear.

“Oh,” said Sasha, “it’s good to be home. I am sure a nobleman or a bear can’t take care of a garden! But I know what to do. I am happy that I am Sasha again!”

^ 1) Tick (v) the right sentences.

___ a) Sasha saw an old lime tree and wanted to cut it down. (1)

___ b) Sasha didn’t want to work because he was a rich man. (2)

___ c) Sasha was happy that he was Sasha again. (3)

2) Give the Russian equivalents of the following phrases.

(4) cтать дворянином –

(5)липа вздохнула -

(6) богатые фермеры –

3) Using the text complete the sentences.

(7) First Sasha decided to be a ______________________.

(8) Then Sasha asked the lime tree to make him _________________________________.

(9) At last Sasha said sadly that he ________________________________.

^ 4) Answer the questions.

(10) Why did Sasha go into the forest?__________________________________________________________

(11) Every time Sasha was unhappy, wasn’t he?__________________________________________________

(12) Why was Sasha wrong?__________________________________________________________________

5) Put the sentences in the right order.

__ 1. First Sasha asked the lime tree to make him a rich farmer. (13)

__ 2. A poor peasant called Sasha went into the forest to cut a tree. (14)

__ 3. Then Sasha wanted to become a nobleman. (15)

__ 4. The lime tree was magic. (16)

__ 5. But every time Sasha was unhappy because he had to work hard. (17)

_ _6. At last Sasha wanted to be a king. (18)

__ 7. Sasha was happy when he was Sasha again. (19)

__ 8. Sasha was wrong because he was greedy and lazy. (20)

6) Put the verbs into the correct form ( Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect)

  1. She _____ to listen to music every Sunday. (to like) (21)

  2. They _____ Mathematics well. (to study) (22)

  3. I _____ just _____ my homework. (do) (23)

  4. I _____ coffee now. (to drink) (24)

  5. You often _____ sweets. (to eat) (25)

  6. He usually _____ German well. (to speak) (26)

  7. Sometimes my sister ____ in the park. (to run) (27)

  8. Susan ________ her classmates to her home last Sunday. ( to invite) (28)

  9. I _____ a newspaper at the moment. (to read) (29)

  10. Look! The cat ____ tea. (to drink) (30)

  11. My brother _____ at the moment. (to sleep) (31)

  12. She _____ songs every day. (to sing) (32)

  13. Nick ______ shopping tomorrow. ( to go) (33)

  14. Boys _____the floor last Friday. (to wash) (34)

  15. Girls _______ of animals next summer. (to take care) (35)

  16. Listen! Ann ________ in the kitchen.(to sing) (36)

  17. Nancy __________ her room today, and it looks very nice. (to clean) (37)

  18. Jack _________ his textbook, and he cannot do his homework. (to lose) (38)

  19. We ______ to the museum last week. (to go) (39)

  20. My sister ____________ to the museum three times this week. (to be) (40)

  21. I _______ abroad next summer. (to go) (41)

  22. I __________ very hard at the moment. (to work) (42)


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