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Unit 1 "Applying for a job"

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UNIT 1 “Applying for a job”


Looking for a job

How you should start hunting for a job.

The best way of doing this is to study the job market either with the help of recruitment (employment) agencies or situations vacant pages in the press.

The structure of the vacancy advertisements is usually the same: the name of the vacant position, the list of the candidate’s professional duties, the demands made of the candidate and sometimes the system of compensations and benefits.

Be realistic when evaluating the job market for what you have to offer. Consider who and what you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, interests, likes and dislikes. Analyze your real motivations and ambitions.

When you have made your choice and found a position you would like to apply for, you will have to be faced with the time-consuming task of writing your letter of application and curriculum vitae.(resume)

Many firms use job application forms or are so informal as to invite applicants to telephone to arrange an interview. But for many jobs, and especially more senior ones, you have to compose a letter, there are in fact two choices: a letter containing all the information; or a shorter covering letter together with a curriculum vitae containing information set out on a separate sheet.

The second choice is preferable. It looks more businesslike and the tabulation makes the information easier for the reader.

The shorter covering letter is easier to compose effectively when it is not cluttered with miscellaneous detail about your qualifications, etc.

The plan for the covering letter might be:

  1. reference to the advertisement and statement of application

  2. reference to the enclosed curriculum vitae

  3. amplification of details of curriculum vitae

  4. complimentary close

Your letter must sound like you, it must convey something of your own personality. However, if you are a very unassuming person, you will need to make the effort to sound a little more forceful than usual. After all you do have to speak for yourself on this occasion!

Remember that the aim of this letter is to ensure that your name goes on to the shortlist and takes you to the next stage, the interview. To do this you need to study the advertisement very carefully indeed, decide what sort of person with what qualifications, is being sought, and then show that you are that person. If you want to be hired you need to show enthusiasm and interest in the company and the position (without being too overwhelming about it). Remember how many other applications your letter may have to compete against and try to ensure that it will stand out and compel attention.

The covering letter should be handwritten. Many employers like to see a specimen of your handwriting. Some large companies, especially in the USA, employ experts (graphologists) to examine applicant’s handwriting.

1. Translate into English

  • to evaluate the job market

  • to analyze one’s motivations and ambitions

  • to apply for a job

  • to invite an applicant for an interview

  • to compose a letter

  • to contain information

  • business-like

  • to make an effort

  • to seek for smb

  • to be too overwhelming about

  • to compel attention

  • a specimen of one’s handwriting

to consider one’s strengths and weaknesses

to sound more forceful

to convey smth of one’s personality

to go on to the short list

to show enthusiasm

to compete against

the position

to hire

3. Complete the sentences

  1. If you want to apply for a job

  2. It’s not enough to evaluate the job market

  3. The letter you compose should not only contain all the information but…

  4. If your letter stands out and compels attention

  5. A specimen of an applicant’s handwriting may…

  6. Make an effort to sound businesslike

  7. You will have to compete against

  8. You won’t be invited for an interview unless…

  9. If you compose your CV effectively

4. Complete the sentences using your active

  1. White looking for a job…

  2. One should be realistic about

  3. It is not so easy...

  4. It’s “a must” to make/sound/show…

  5. If you want to be invited for the interview…

  6. The covering letter should be handwritten…

5. Paraphrase using your active


  1. Hunting for a job you will have to fight against so many rivals.

  2. The first stage is to investigate labor demand.

  3. Think of your achievements and faults or errors, your interests and aims

  1. You should include all the necessary details.

  2. The covering letter should be well thought of and present you.

  3. In order to attract the employer’s attention make it a little more convincing, energetic but do not over do things.

  4. Employers organize talks with candidates.

  5. The job was so important that they had to employ someone else.


Fred is a van driver, but he was fed up with long trips. He began to look for a job. He looked through appointments pages of his local newspaper, where a local supermarket was advertising for van drivers for a new delivery service. He asked for a job by sending the story of his working life and a written message with it.

Then he was invited for a discussion to see if he was suitable for the job. Fred seemed eager and willing to get the job. A few days later he was offered the job.

6. Partial translation

1. There are several ways of (поиска работы).

2. First you should (изучить рынок вакансий).

3. Then (оценить) your own chances

4. You should (принять во внимание) your strengths and weaknesses and (продумать) your motivations and ambitions.

5. You have to (составить резюме) and a covering letter.

6. The covering letter must (представлять вас)

7. Companies invite (кандидатов на должность) for an interview.


Harry is a sales person. He saw a job (в колонке вакансий) in one of the national papers. The (подал заявление), sending in his (резюме) and (сопроводительное письмо), explaining why he wanted the job and why he was the right person for it. Harry did not hear anything for six weeks, so he phoned the company. They told him that they had received a lot of (заявление). After looking at (резюме) of (кандидатов), the company (отобрала) 3-4 of them and then (взяли на работу) someone. Harry is still (ищет) а job.

8. Translate

1. Когда вы ищете работу, нужно внимательно изучить объявления о вакансиях.

2. Нужно обязательно понять, какой работник требуется и придумать, что вы можете предложить

3. Необходимо проанализировать свои сильные и слабые стороны, интересы, предпочтения, свои цели и мотивы.

4. Перед тем, как подавать заявление о приеме на работу, вы должны составить письмо, содержащее всю необходимую информацию.

5. Ваше резюме и сопроводительное письмо должны представлять вас как личность.

6. Помните, что предварительный отбор ведется на основе удачных резюме, и что вам придется конкурировать с другими кандидатами на данную должность


Марк – инженер-строитель. Он искал более высоко оплачиваемую работу, когда вдруг увидел объявление в колонке вакансий в одной из газет. Это была должность высоко квалифицированного инженера с большим опытом работы в строительстве. Проанализировав свои шансы на успех, Марк решил подать заявление в компанию на эту должность. Он составил резюме, сообщил все необходимые данные и отправил его вместе с сопроводительным письмом. Он попытался показать, насколько интересовала его эта работа и компания и что он как раз тот человек, которого они ищут. Марк понимал, что ему придется соревноваться с многими претендентами на эту работу, поэтому заранее подготовился к интервью. Компания отобрала трех кандидатов, среди них был Марк. Во время интервью он произвел впечатления опытного специалиста, хорошо знающего свое дело. Компания приняла его на работу.


1. Telephone enquiries

Transworld: Transworld. Can I help you?

Caller: Good morning. I saw your advertisement for a junior accounts clerk in this morning's paper.

T: Oh yes.

C: I’d like to apply for the job. Could you send me an application form please

T: Certainly.

C: And could you tell me a bit more about the job and company?

T: I’ll send details of the job and pay with the application form.

C: Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you then. Good bye.

T: Just a moment. Could you tell me your name and address?

C: Oh yes. It's Andrew Sokolov.

Phrasal Verbs

^ 7. Study this chart and then do the exercise that follows.




carry out smth; carry smth out

do something that needs to be done

Those repairs must be carried out.

deal with smb

do business with someone, or take an action to do with work

In my job, I have to deal with a lot of different people.

deal with smth

take the correct action to complete a piece of work or solve a problem

The problem is being dealt with.

get on

be successful in one's career

If you want to get on in your career, you'll have to work hard.

take on work; take work on

agree to do a job

You've taken on too much work - slow down a bit.

take smb on

employ someone

We're taking ten waiters on this summer.

take over

continue doing someone else's job

Who will take over now that Smith has resigned?

take up a post

start working at a new job

She took up her first teaching post in 1970.

turn down

to refuse an offer, to reject

I applied for a place on the computer course but they turned me down

Replace the underlined words with a phrasal verb from the table above. Make any other changes necessary.

1 After looking at his qualifications, they decided to offer him the job.

2 ^ He's doing far too much and will make himself ill.

3 I started work here five years ago.

4 Who do you think is going to be the new director when Santana retires?

5 Will you handle any complaints while I'm away?

6 She did all the tasks successfully.

7 They were going to hire him but he rejected the offer.

8 You need a good education if you want to succeed in life.


1. Writing your CV (resume).

Fiona Scott is one of the applicants for the job at Patagonia. Study her CV carefully to see how the information is presented and decide where each of the following headings should be placed.




Name Fiona Scott

Date of Birth: 7 August 1969

Nationality: British

Address: 52 Hanover Street

Edinburgh EH2 5LM


Telephone: 031 449 0237

1991-1992: London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Diploma in Public Relations

1988-1991: University of London

BA (Honours) In Journalism and Media Studies (Class П)

1981-1988: Fettes College, Edinburgh

A-levels in German (A), English (B), History (B) and Geography (C)

1992 to present: Scottish Wildlife Trust Department of Public Relations

Responsible for writing articles on all aspects of the Trust's activities and ensuring their distribution to the press. Editor of the Trust's monthly journal. In charge of relations with European environmental agencies.

Summers of 1990 and 1991: Three-month training period with the Glasgow Herald. Assistant to the sports editor.

Summer of 1989: Sales assistant in the record department of Harris Stores Ltd., Edinburgh.

Sports: Cross-country skiing, rock-climbing and swimming.

Secretary of the local branch of 'Action', an association organizing summer camps for disabled children.

Camp counselling certificate

Grade 3 ski instructor

Driver's licence (car and motorcycle)

ШМ PC user

Fluent German and good working knowledge of French

Geoffrey Williams, Bill Denholm,

Professor of Journalism, Sports Editor,

University of London Glasgow Herald


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