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- to be impossible without travelling (people’s life)

- to go on a business trip or to travel for pleasure (thousands of people)

- different ways of travelling (there are)

- to travel (by air, by train, by sea, by road, on foot)

- to be the fastest and the most convenient way of travelling (by air)

- the most expensive way of travelling (by plane)

- to have its advantages too (travelling by train)

- to make the longest journey enjoyable

- the main advantages of trains (speed, comfort and safety in comfortable seats of the sleeping cars)

- to prefer trains to other means of transport

- to be very popular (travelling by sea)

- to go on a two-week cruise (travelling by ship)

- to be very popular too (travelling by car)

- to stop at any place as much time as you like

- to be very popular with young people (hitch-hiking)

- to enjoy the countryside

- to live in tents on the sea shore or I the forest

- to breath in fresh air and the sun all day

- to play sport games and enjoy the sunset

- to return home sunburn and full of impressions


Arguments against tourism abroad

- a lot of places to visit in your own country (there are)

You don’t need

- to buy tickets and think of timetables

- to reserve tickets

- to carry heavy suitcases

^ You don’t have

- to wait at airports and railway stations

- to think of rucksacks and suitcases

You can

- speak your own language

- choose your favourite food

- to make your relatives wait for you and worry

- to be always near you (you family and best friends)

- to be polluted and dangerous for health (a lot of places)

- It’s no use going abroad


- First, …

- Second, …

- Third, …

- Besides, …

- More than that …

Во-первых, …

Во-вторых, …

В-третьих, …

Кроме того …

Более того …

- What is more …

- That’s why …

- By the way …

- On the one hand

- On the other hand

Более того …

Поэтому …

К тому же …

С одной стороны

С другой стороны

- I agree with the view that …

- I disagree with the view that …

- I’d like to add that …

- May I put in a word?

- I for one think that …

Я согласен с точкой зрения, что …

Я не согласен, что …

Я бы хотел добавить, что …

Можно я вставлю слово?

Я лично думаю, что …


Arguments in favour of going abroad

- to discover new places in other countries (it’s wonderful)

- to be part of people’s education (travelling abroad)

- to teach people about art and culture (travelling)

- to teach people to be understanding (travelling)

- to broaden the mind (travelling)

- to help people to relax sometimes (travelling)

- to make friends with interesting people

- can help to improve the knowledge of foreign languages (travelling)

- can help practice speaking English (travelling)

- to accept English as a new means of communication

- to learn more about other countries and their traditions

- to have an opportunity to go sightseeing


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