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Polotsk is one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus. It is located in a picturesque place where the river Polota flows into the Western Dvina. The city is situated in the Vitebsk region about 250 km north of Minsk.

The first mention of Polotsk in the "Tale of Bygone Years" dates back to 862.

Polotsk was one of the centres of Christianity in the East Slavic lands. The educator Ephrosynia of Polotsk was born here. She was the first canonized woman in Belarus. The first Belarusian printer and educator Francisk Skaryna and the great Belarusian enlightener Simeon of Polotsk were born here. Simeon of Polotsk was one of the outstanding figures of not only the Belarusian and Russian culture, but of slavic culture too. He is known in history as a monk, a social and church leader, a theologian, a teacher and an educator, a poet and a writer.

The city is dominated by St. Sophia Cathedral, which was built between 1044-1066 years. The construction emphasized the strength and independence of Polotsk Principality. The first library of Polotsk was collected in St. Sophia Cathedral in the XII century.

Thanks to the rich historical and cultural heritage, its rich cultural life Polotsk was the first city in Belarus, where in 1994 the national Day of Belarusian Written Language was held. In 2003 the festival was held in Polotsk again. In 2010, Polotsk became the cultural capital of Belarus.


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