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Novogrudok (Grodno region) is the city where the Belarusian statehood originated. In the 13th century Novogrudok (first mentioned in chronicles in 1044) became one of the most developed cities in the Upper Ponemon. At the same time it became the first capital of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. The symbol of the city is the castle - the center of ancient Novogrudok and the residence of the appanage princes and later the residence of the Great Lithuanian princes.

The history of Novogrudok gives many interesting examples of the cultural heritage of this land. Traditionally, there have been developed pottery, straw and rod network, artistic woodworking, weaving and embroidery. The book culture was also well-developed: illuminated Gospel of Lavrishevsk (about 1329), prologue of Novogrudok, the book printing products of Lyubchansky printing house of the XVII century. The Hreptoviches’ library in Shchorsy was known far beyond Novogrudok.

The names of many prominent figures of culture are associated with Novogrudok. They are the great poet Adam Mitskewich, the poets John Checheta and Vincent Karatynsky, the first Belarusian memoirist Theodore Evlashovski, the first Belarusian folklorist Solomon Rysinski, the artist Yazep Drozdovich, the photographer Yan Bulgakov and many others.

In 1996 Novogrudok continued the tradition of celebrating of Day of Belarusian Written Language.

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