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Nesvizh is one of the most interesting cities in Belarus. Nesvizh was first mentioned in chronicles in 1223. However, there is little data about the history of Nesvizh till the 16th century.

The main part of the city is Nesvizh castle which is included into the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Nesvizh printing house was opened in 1562.The first books in the Belarusian language were published here (in 1562-1571 the well- known Belarusian writers of Enlightenment Simon Budny and Basil Tyapinsky published their books here).

The Belarusian writer Yakub Kolas studied at the Nesvizh Teachers' Seminary and wrote a lot of poems and humorous stories, which he later declared at the local literary parties.

Nesvizh is the founder of Theatre Art of Belarus. In 1740 the Radzivill family founded the Comedy House theatre in Nesvizh. The theatre that was known all over Europe made an immense contribution to the development of the town’s cultural life. Unfortunately, it was closed in 1791.

In 1562 first books of S. Budny in Belarusian language were printed in Nesvizh: "Catechism" and "About justification of a sinful man before God".

Because of the extraordinary value and position in national historical and cultural heritage of Belarus, palace and other town's sights are declared National historical and cultural memorial reserve "Nesvizh".

In 1997 there was the fourth National Day of Belarusian Written Language in Nesvizh.

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