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Pinsk is a city of the Brest region of the Republic of Belarus. Pinsk is one of the historical and cultural centres of Polesie. It was first mentioned in the Ipatievskaya Chronicle in 1097.

Declaring of his love to Pinsk, the most prolific writer of all times (according to Guinness Book of Records), a native of Polesie - Józef Ignacy Krashewski called the city "the sun of neighbourhood" and wrote a lot about this city in the XIX century.

Pinsk land is famous for its outstanding people:

Oleg Iosiphovich Venger - a composer, the chairman of the Composers' Union of Brest region;

Sergei Fedorovich Zhilevich – a Belarusian artist.

Yakub Kolas – a Belarusian social activist, writer, poet and translator. In 1912-1914 he worked as a teacher in the third parochial school in Pinsk;

Adam Narushevich – a historian, poet, social and religious leader of the Rzech Pospolita;

Napoleon Orda – a Belarusian writer and a composer, a musician and an artist;

Eugene Yanishchits – a Belarusian poetess.

The International Folklore Festival "Paleskі Karagod", creative meetings "The February musical parties", the traditional holiday of guitar music "Korolinskaya Fiesta" and the music festival "Viva, an accordion!" are usually held in Pinsk.

There was a national Day of Belarusian Written Language in Pinsk in 1999.


Pinsk iconPinsk

Pinsk iconLa terre de Pinsk est célèbre par ses hommes connus
«Palesski Karagod», des rencontres de création sous le titre «Soirées musicales de février», la Fête de la musique de guitare «Fiesta...
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