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Mir is a small town, until 1956 it had the status of a city, it is in the Korelichi district of the Grodno region of Belarus.

At present the name of this small town is known outside Belarus due to its main historic sight - the castle, the most ancient castle, which preserved on the territory of Belarus and which is included into the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000.

Thanks to the amateur enthusiast there is a private museum in this town - a museum-estate "Mir Posad". According to the owner of the building, the museum is situated in the building of the inn, where Vladislav Syrakomlya wrote his poem "The Postman", which later became a famous folk song "When I was a coachman at the post-office." The exhibition presents the history of the village, authentic furniture of the castle, as well as the culture of secular residents of various faiths.

The famous people:

Alexander K. Ilyinsky (1903-1967) - an actor, people's Artist of USSR (1953);

Olga Ipatova (1945) - a Belarusian writer, translator, social activist;Janka Zaprudnik (b. 1926) - a Belarusian-American historian and essayist.

Mir celebrated Day of Belarusian Written Language in 2002.


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