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Kamenets is a district centre of the Brest region, located on the river Lesnaya in 39 kilometers from Brest.

The population of Kamenets could proudly confirm that all the ways were stretching their city. That was true as Kamenets had an important political and geographical position on the map of Europe within XIV—XVI centuries.

Kamenets district is the mother land of famous people: the enlightener, publicist and politician Mikhail Karpovich (1744—1803); the leader of the rebellion of 1863—1864 in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania – Romuald Trauguta; a historian, a public person, the first President of the Belarusian Academy of Science Vsevolod Ignatovsky; a theatrical person and a writer Vladimir Stelmakh, a poet Vasiliy Zhukovich, an artist Fedor Doroshevich.

On August,23 in 2005 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus put out an artistical envelope with an original stamp "Day of Belarusian Written Language in Kamenets" prepared by the publishing centre "Stamp" of the Postal District Office "Belpochta." The holiday was held on the first Sunday of September.


Kamenets iconKaménets
«Journée de l’écriture bélarusse à Kaménets», préparé par le Centre de Publication «Timbre» de l’eur «Poste bélarusse»
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