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Postavy is a district centre of Vitebsk region. Postavy is known since 1552 as a private place of Oshmiansky uyezd of Vilnius province of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

At the end of XVIII - early XIX century there was a theatre, an Ornithological Museum and an Art Gallery in Postavy.

Postavy is famous for its architectural ensembles and monuments of Belarusian architecture such as Tyzengauz Palace, St. Nicholas’ Church, the Cathedral of St Anthony of Padua.

Postavy is the birthplace of such Belarusian writers as Vladimir Dubovka and Michas Mashara.

On September 3, 2006 there was a national Day of Belarusian Written Language in Postavy. It was impossible to recognize the main square in the city. Her Majesty the book was in the centre of this holiday. Poets and writers, publishers and printers introduced their creative works to the public. The central event of the Day of Belarusian Written Language was the ceremony of rewarding of the winners of the 46th national contest "The art of a book." The winners were presented with a statuette "Golden folio". The statuette was in a form of a woman with a book.


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