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Shklov is a city of Mogilev region of Belarus. It is located at the intersection of highways Mogilev - Shklov - Orsha.

It was first mentioned in 1520 in the documents of Herberstein, the Ambassador of the Polish kingdom during his diplomatic trip to Moscow.

Shklov was known as a cultural centre of the region: Zorich founded here a theatre in 1788(unfortunately, it was closed 12 years later). In addition, there was also a ballet school and a music school in the town. At the initiative of Catherine’s favorite a cadet corps for children who were from impoverished noble families was built in Shklov, soon it was used as a military department.

Many of Shklov’s monuments of architecture survived to the present day. These include a synagogue (late 17th century), the town hall (18th century), dwelling houses (18th and 19th centuries), a paper mill (1898), a cathedral (late 19th century — early 20th century), the Preobrazhenskaya Church and a mansion (early 20th century).

The Shklov Town Hall is considered to be a unique object of cultural heritage of the country. The tower is decorated with a clock, when the clock strikes it is heard throughout the neighbourhood.

In 2007, the winners of the national contest "Golden Cupid" for the best fiction of 2006 were awared on the Day of Belarusian Written Language for the first time.

On that day there was the opening ceremony of the monument to a Russian military man, the favorite of Catherine II, Count Semyon Zorich, who was the ruler of Shklov from 1778 to 1799 and founded a military school, a professional theater (the first in Belarus), and some manufactories.

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