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Borisov is a district centre in the Minsk region. It stands on the River Berezina.

In the XII century there was a wooden castle in Borisov, which existed until the XVIII century. Nowadays instead of the castle there is a building of historical and cultural value ​​of the Republic of Belarus.

Borisov is one of the oldest cities in Belarus, first mentioned in chronicles in 1102. The city is famous for many creative collectives. The Festival of Children's and Youth Creativity "Barysauski prystanak" became international. The representatives of ten countries take part in the festival every year.

The people of Borisov are proud of their countrymen - the author of the anthem of the BSSR and the Republic of Belarus Mikhas Klimkovich, the Olympic champions Andrei Aryamnov and Alexei Abalmasov, the football club BATE.

Borisov is the birthplace of Nadezhda Sivko, the creator of the Soviet Belarusian "Bukvar", the artist Valery Shkarub and the sculptor Anatoly Anikeichik.

Borisov celebrated the XV Day of Belarusian Written Language on September 7, 2008. The main event on that day was the opening ceremony of the sign-symbol "by the 15th anniversary of Day of Belarusian Written Language" and the memorial to Ivan Kolodeev, a well-known historian, who lived in Borisov for a long time and founded the first library in the city.


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