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Smorgon is a district centre of the Grodno region of Belarus. It stands on the river Oksna (left inflow of the river Vilia) and its inflow the river Gervyatka. It is located 110 km north-west of Minsk, and 260 km north-east of Grodno. The city is known since the beginning of the XVI century as a private small town of the Zenovich, Radzivill, Pshezdetzky's families.

The first written mention of Smorgon is connected with the name of Yuri Ivanovich Zenovich. He opened a school at the church and collected a large library.

The city was famous for Smorgon paper textile mill (XVI century), a bears training school "The Smorgon Academy", established by the Radziwill family in the XVII century, leather and garment industry enterprises in the XIX – early XX centuries.

During the war of the year 1812, the emperor Napoleon stopped in Smorgon, at the French troops retreat, here he passed the command to his marshal I. Murat and departed through Vilnya into Paris. The highway between Smorgon and Oshmyany was named "the Napoleon Route". During the First World War the front line ran through Smorgon and the town was destroyed.

The main monuments of historical and cultural heritage of the city are the Calvinist church and a chapel. There is a literary museum of Francisk Bogushevich in Kushlyany, the Museum- Estate of M. K. Oginsky in Zalesie and the ruins of the Krev castle. Some well-known figures of Belarusian culture were born in Smorgon district. They are the poet Vladimir Neklyayev and the doctor of philology Arsen Lis.

In the history of Smorgon there are a lot of pages telling about the life of the founder of the Belarusian literature Francisk Bogushevich. The main event on the Day of Belarusian Written Language in 2009 was the opening ceremony of the monument to the writer. The museum of Francisk Bogushevich is in the village Kushliany where the poet lived. A number of events were held in Smorgon on that day, including the awarding of the winners of the 49th National Contest "The Art of a book - 2009". The winners were given statuettes "Golden folio", diplomas and certificates for the best work of the Union of Belarusian Writers.


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«Académie de Smorgon» fondée par les princes Radziwill au xviie siècle et aussi par les entreprises de l’ industrie de cuir et du...
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