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Modeling and Animating for Half-Life
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Modeling and Animating for Half-Life

Modeling and Animating for Half-Life 1

An Overview of the Half-Life Modeling Process 4

Exporting from 3Dstudio 4

SMD files 5

An Alternative To 3DStudio 5

QC file 5

StudioMdl 5

The finished product: .MDL files 5

Modeling Workflow 6

Planning A New Model 6

Budgeting Polygons 6

Budgeting Textures 7

External Textures 8

Planning for animation 9

A note about scaling 10

Setting up your work files 10

Modeling Basics 13

Building a Mesh 13

Strategies 13

Max tools overview 14

Issues with Max Mesh Objects 15

Checking smooth groups 16

Dealing with Normals 18

Texturing Basics 19

Setting Max Materials 20

Previewing with Max Materials 22

Painting your maps 22

Applying textures 23

Repeating Textures 24

Easy Texture Alignment 25

Creating a skeleton 26

Overview 26

What is a bone? 26

Building a Skeleton 26

Mismatched Skeletons 28

Attaching Meshes to the skeleton 28

Assigning Vertices With Envelopes 30

Changing a mesh 30

Animation Basics 32

Animation system overview 32

Animating your model 33

Max Keys and SMD file keys 34

Basic Animation Tasks 35

Previewing cycles in Max 35

Animations in the game engine 38

Multiplayer animations 39

Advanced Modeling and animation 40

Advanced Modeling 40

Advanced Texuring 42

Advanced animation 44

QC file reference 45

QC Files 45

QC command listing 46

The command 50

SMD file format 54

StudioMDL reference 57

Command line options 58

Reading output 58

Action Tags 59

Working with Half-Life Content from the Half-Life SDK 62



An Overview of the Half-Life Modeling Process

This document is an introduction to modeling and animating characters for the Half-Life engine. In it we will discuss the basic techniques for creating a model, attaching into a skeleton, animating it, and exporting it into the Half-Life engine.

All of the models in the shipping version of Half-Life were created with 3-D studio Max from Kinetix Inc., and the export tools included with this SDK currently only support Max. In principle, however, there’s no reason why any other 3-D package could not be used with if you can write a simple file exporter. Models could even be generated programmatically by programs such as Mathematica, or even by Java scripts. Valve encourages developers to write translators for other popular 3-D packages and may be able to provide advice to teams seeking to develop their own export plug-ins. For the remainder of this tutorial we will be discussing tools and procedures in the 3dStudio environment; however the basic principles involved will not change if the model and animation data originate in other programs.

Three steps are involved in moving the model data from the 3DStudio into the Half-Life engine.

First, a text based intermediate file known as a “Studio Model Data” or SMD file, is exported from the modeling package.

Next, a control script which will direct the final model generation program is written. This is also a text file, known as a QC file because it evolved from the old Quake engine QuakeC scripting system.

Finally the command line program studioMDL.EXE analyzes the QC file and converts the .smd file(s) into a Half-Life .MDL model file complete with textures, animation data, and game data such as the handles which the AI system uses to call animations.

Understanding the nature of this process is indispensable for easily and quickly making Half-Life models. Here is a more detailed look at each of steppingstones from 3dStudio to the Half-Life engine:

Exporting from 3Dstudio

There are two paths for exporting data from studio Max to the SMD files. Included with the Half-Life SDK is a Max plug-in SMDEXP.DLO. This is available in versions supporting Max 1.2 through 3.1; source code is also included so you can recompile new versions as necessary or make customizations. Installing the plug-in requires only that you drop the appropriate plug-in file(s) into the plug-ins folder of your 3Dstudio Max directory and restart Max . To access the exporter you simply choose “Export…” from Max’s File menu. The standard exporter requires the Physique plug-in from Kinetix’s Character Studio to enable skeletal animation; without Physique only unarticulated models without skeletons can be exported.

Also included with the SDK is an SMD exporter based on Kinetix’s Max Script scripting language. This is included primarily for users to do not have access to Character studio. The Max Script exporter supports the standard Max r3.x plug-ins Skin and Linked Xform as alternative methods for attaching for vertices to bones. The Max Script exporter requires Max version 3.0 or higher.
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