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Bled For Days It's Meaningless

НазваниеBled For Days It's Meaningless
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50. /04 - Beneath... Between... Beyond... (2004)/Otsegolectric (Demo).rtf
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73. /06 - Cannibal (2007)/Goat.rtf
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76. /06 - Cannibal (2007)/Team Hate.rtf
Bled For Days It's Meaningless
I still feel the cold of long past days
You're in me please give me a fix
I've been taking abuse and it's senseless
I'm With Stupid
Hand me a line really hand me a line
Otsegolation if we gain by severance
Tainted by my sin I'm spilling blood
Anything that I want you to know Anything that I want you to see
Sweat Of The Bud
The Trance Is The Motion
Wisconsin Death Trip
I feel let down Lay it out in front of me
Black And White Lost in my own World
Burn To Burn Static in sound
We're so cold
Get To The Gone Get to the gone
I see your bleeding dark side I feel your angry heart
Strenghtening Shroud of night
Everything is as cold as ice Everything is as dead as life
Structural Defect
Lines and the light stream Screaming by me scream
Drowning myself, over and over Desolate, trying it's over
Everybody, soul and body cold All this sickness, you lost control
Look down around All is not well
You got something to say Better off stay away
This moment in time This moment defined
Kill Your Idols Cosmetic photogenic
Breathing, killing, seething, willing Fighting, biting, hating, waiting for you
Misdirected, I'm awakened Minifests in, into my head
Otsegolectric You sold yourself
I get we gotta run Make me take it
So I've betrayed self So I've betrayed you
I'm winning, You're losing. I'm falling
Anything But This
Behind the Wall of Sleep
I am away I froze, I froze [So frozen cold]
Burning Inside will these dreams still follow me
Trapped she had a great design we're living on borrowed time
Ripping at the soul Scratching is for more
Never fear to meet the resistance walk with me
Get to the Gone (Demo)
Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
You enveloped in your you enveloped in your
I've been taking abuse and it's senseless Fist into the wall and it's painless
I'm With Stupid (Paul Barker Remix)
Love Dump (Demo)
New Pain (Demo) Misdirected, I'm awakened
Otsegolectric (Demo)
Can i not be taken such extremes have you whispered
All I see is all All I see is all
My dirthouse Watch it happen from the box
I want To Fucking Break It
Living in the moment Forgotten and repeated
Just In Case Keep me around, waiting behind glass
My Damnation Time to take control i control this
Night Terrors In time i'll get this out of
Leave death behind Into the night
I found a peice of What i want to find
Wait every hour of every day Played light, played hard
My little girl Where are you?
Feel my heart pound Motor screaming
Confines me its all that i see Sickness keeps you following me
A horror scene a time storm
Thrash it bash it live to smash it Light the spark reach out and crash it
Chemical Logic Discover disaster
Chroma-matic Winding it up
I make no apologies For the past
Take it down with a steam hammer Pack it hard
Electric Pulse It's time to melt you down
Drink all day Fuck all day
Don't you take the cop out Chain reactor touch down
No Submission
Shedding your skin It's falling to pieces
You corroded I turn it up

Bled For Days

It's Meaningless

I Take The Hold

It's Mindlessness

I Bled For Days

Get To The Race


The Healing Of It Fucking With

Conceal The Scab You Don't Want To Show


Into The Hate


I Channel All The Negative And

I Bled For Days Now I Take The Hold


I Don't Believe It

Fuck Me, Read Me, Get Me

(Bled For Days)

Smile On My Rage I'm

Scarred By Age, I Bled

(Bled For Days)

It's Uselessness

I Make Weapons

Take The Hold


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