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Card 1 Text 1 the giant panda

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Card 1 I read the text and answer your teacher’s questions
Card 1 Text 1 the giant panda
Билеты («Вестник образования» №3-4, 2007 г.) Иностранные языки IX класс

Card 16

S: Hey, Denis, how often do use computer?

T: Frankly speaking, I don’t use it very often – sometimes I type an essay.

S: Don` t you use the Internet?

T: No, I don` t have an access to the Internet.

S: I use it every day! I read the news on the Internet, chat with my friends.

T: I’m absolutely convinced it’s not healthy to work on computer very much.

S: How much? – that is the question. If you stay online for hours, it’s definitely unhealthy.

T: Right, right. You say you like chatting with your friends, don’t you think it’s boring “to chat” with somebody by typing messages?

S: Come on, Denis! I’m sure you know you can do “voice chats” if you have a microphone. By the way, you are interested in foreign languages. You can chat with people from France, Japan, Argentina…. It’s not expensive, it’s like using a telephone but much cheaper:

T: Oh, that sounds like a good way to practice foreign languages.

S: Yes, besides on the Internet there are various kinds of materials for students: texts, exercises; you can download video- films and radio- programmes in foreign languages.

T: Mm… It’s interesting. Do you know any good sites specially made for students learning foreign languages?

S: Certainly. You say you sometimes type essays. I know a lot of interesting sites where you can find materials on different subjects. It’ll be easier for you to prepare essays – you can find unusual facts, the latest data, and pictures for your presentations…I don` t know how you can do without a computer in your everyday life.

T: You may be right; computers have become part of peoples` life. But I’m afraid, I’ll spoil my eyesight.

S: You must know where to stop, and everything will be OK.

Card 17 Ambitions

S: Good afternoon, Olga Vladimirovna!

T: Good afternoon, Tanya.

S: I`ve come to discuss some points. Can you help me?

T: Yes, certainly.

S: It` s about our city’s day. I suppose you remember we decided to have a party. We are not sure about the date. Shall we have the party just on our City Day, on Saturday, or on a week day after classes?

T: I think many of you would like to spend this day with your families. There are usually a lot of events: concerts, carnivals all over the city. So, let`s have a party on the day before, on Friday.

S: Fine. We have only four classes on Friday.

T: What`s on the programme?

S: First, Lena and Olya are telling about our city, its landmarks, its people. Some boys have taken a lot of pictures of our city, and they are going to make a power point presentation to illustrate the girls` report.

T: is anybody going to tell about the history of our city? It`s worth telling about.

S: I`m going to give some interesting facts.

T: Do you remember about our guests from England?

S: We do. We are going to speak English. We are also going to ask the guests about their towns and cities. We are sure it will be very interesting! Oh! Kate is going to recite a poem about London by William Blake.

T: I think you could sing anything. You sing nicely.

S: That` s to the point. We are going to sing some songs to the guitar. Our guests might sing with us some popular English songs. We’d like to have a discotheque after all this. Can we?

T: Yes, if you promise to clean the classroom after all. Last time it was in a mess.

S: We promise everything will be OK!

Card 18 A City Day

Card 19 In Trouble

S: Hello, Anna. I’m calling to say I’m not going to the cinema today, sorry.

T: What` s the matter?

S: I don` t fancy going anywhere.

T: I feel you’re upset. Can I help you?

S: I’m afraid, you can` t. I have problems with my parents again. They don` t understand me.

T: Have you spoken to them about your problems?

S: I have, but nothing happened. I’ve been asking for a permission to go to the music festival, but they don` t let me.

T: Who are you going to the festival with?

S: With my friends. They are going there on motorbikes.

T: I think your parents are absolutely right. It’s dangerous, and they are worried about you.

S: But I want to go to the festival. My favourite group is playing there.

T: OK. How about going there with me? I think your parents will agree.

S: Oh, I’d love to. I’ll ask my mother, she isn`t as strict as my father. Will you drive to the festival?

T: No, I haven` t got a driving licence yet.

S: How shall we get there then?

T: We could ask your father to take us there.

S: Great idea!

Card 20 English-Speaking Countries

S: Well, I think the lesson about English-speaking countries will be very interesting.

T: So do I. What country should we speak about?

S: Do you know about the others? What countries are they going to speak about?

T: As far as I know they are going to give talks about the USA, Australia, New Zealand…..

S: Oh, I know! Let’s give a talk about Wales, shall we? There are so many interesting things to talk about: Cardiff, the capital, Celts and their culture, Prince of Wales, Eisteddfod.

T: What is Eisteddfod?

S: It’s a music festival – the most ancient and the most famous. Let’s discuss a plan.

T: Okay. We’ll start with the geographical position of Wales. Then we will show the pictures of Cardiff and speak about the places of interest. I can look for some pictures on the Internet. I can give a talk about all this.

S: Great. Then I’ll speak about cultural traditions and famous people. You know, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Jones, Roald Dahl were born in Wales.

T: I haven` heard about it. I have a few books by Roald Dahl, I can bring them to show the class. I hope it will be interesting for our classmate.

S: I think it’s really great, don` t you?
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