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1. /Л. И. Романова -- Английская грамматика в тестах.docPart One elements of grammar directions


Directions: Complete the sentences below using the correct alternative from those marked A, B, C, or D.

The noun Test 1 |

1. When I came into cottage, the family sitting

round the table playing draughts. Draughts their

favourite game. They like to play in the evenings.

A the Holley's, were, are, it B Holleys, was, are, them C the Holleys', were, is, it D Holleys's, was, is, them

2. When he was going through a narrow passage between

two , he heard , These were his neighbours,

two girls.

A merrys-go-round, laugh, twenty-years old B merry-go-rounds, a laugh, twenty-year old C merry-goes-round, laughter, twenty-years old D merry-goes-rounds, a laughter, twenty-year old

3. They decided to open a season. Though it was a fash­
ionable party and the walls were decorated with

and , the majority of the guests wearing jeans

and T-shirts.

A lilies-of-the-valley, forget-me-nots, were B lily-of-the-valleys, forget-me-nots, were C lilies-of-the-valley, forgets-me-not, was

D lilies-of-the-valleys, forgets-me-nots, was

4. The wife was wearing a plain white dress with a

string of pearls that cost more than my salary.

A governor's-general, two years' B governor-general's, two years' C governor-general, two years D governor's-general's, two-year

5. He pulled off his gloves and put onto the dressing

table. She noticed that brand new. So was his hat.

A it, it was B it, they were C them, it was D them, they were

6. He conducted a lot of into but a failure.

A researches, hay fevers, they were B research, hay fever, it was C researches, hay fever, it was . D research, hay fevers, they were

7. The proceeds of the campaign been spent on the

construction of the Children's Care Centre. Roadworks
being held there to build a new crossing.

A has, are, pedestrian's

B have, are, pedestrian

C has, is, pedestrians

D have, is, pedestrians'

8. Look, Mary is playing with the scissors! Take

away from her, may cut into her fingers.

A it, it B them, it C it, they D them, they

9. Here the pocket money my uncle has sent me

today. ___ will be enough to settle all my debts.

A are, It C is, It

B is, They D are, They

10. The criteria too vague. If there were a sharper

to make our choice, I would be happy.

A is, criterion C is, criteria

B are, criterion D are, criteria

11. The latest news from the Middle East countries _
disturbing. A close-up camera showed a man run­
ning somewhere. His face was bruised and his clothes

A was, was C was, were

B were, were D were, was

12. The premises big enough, but the inspection took

them a lot of , and they had to drive home at .

A was, time, dusks

B were, times, a dusk C was, times, dusk D were, time, dusk

13. The price for has increased by ten in the last

quarter. Lodgings very expensive nowadays.

A an accommodation, per cent, is B accommodation, per cent, are C accommodations, per cents, is D accommodation, per cents, are

14. That species of birds migrant and found in

Africa in winter. Our surroundings too severe

for such birds and they leave early in September.

A is, is, are, them C is, is, is, it B are, are, are, them D are, are, is, it

15. The crossroads at our supermarket a dangerous

place. The traffic lights will help both pedestrians and

drivers to avoid accidents. The police to set


A are, needs, them C are, needs, it
B is, need, them D is, need, it

16. Measles a dangerous disease and a lot of children

catch at an early age.

A is, them C are, them

B is, it D arc, it

17. This the most effective means of production and

_ can be adjusted to your business in ___ time.

A is, it, two month's B are, they, a two-months C is, they, two-month D is, it, two months'

18. The Azores are dark blue species that require ___

cultivation in temperate regions.

A forget-me-nots, greenhouse B forgets-me-nots, greenhouse's C forget-me-not, greenhouse D forgets-me-not, greenhouse's

19. Reliable about everyday clothing from the past

hard to obtain.

A evidences, are C evidences, is

B evidence, is D evidence, are

20. These species protected in national parks and .

A is, game reserves B are, game's reserves C are, game reserves D is, games reserves

Test 2

1. depths are usually much greater than depths

because of low density.

A Snow, rain, snow B Snow's, rain's, snow's C Snow, rain, snow's D Snow's, rain, snow's

2. are tiny white bells hanging from a single erect

stem about 30 cm tall with the as a red berry.

A Lilies-of-the-valley, fruit

B Lilies-of-the-valley, fruits

C Lily-of-the-valleys, fruit

D Lily-of-the-valleys, fruits

3. There a lot of machinery in the shop and skilled

workers operated .

A was, them C were, it

B were, them D was, it

4. The was shaky and he decided to go to the sec­
ondhand store.

A leg's table, furniture's

B leg of the table, furniture's

C leg of the table, furniture

D leg's table, furniture

5. One hundred pounds a large sum for her and she

decided to put the money on her account.

A was, savings B was, saving's C were, savings D were, saving's

6. Where Nick's pyjamas? — on the bed.

A is, It is C is, They are

B are, They are D are, It is

7. Bread and cheese his usual meal and he has been

living on for two months.

A was, them C is, it

B are, it D is, them

8. His decreased because his salary was cut by 7 .

A earnings, per cent B earnings, per cents C earning, per cents D earning, percentage

9. The producer presented his new film. The show

took time.

A two-series, three hour's B two-seria, three hours C two-series, three hours' D two-series', three hour's

10. The story of the magnificent castle the guide told

us about was exciting.

A five-centuries-old B five-century's-old C five-century-old D five-century-old's

11. This is the cloakroom, and that one is for .

A ladies', gentlemen's B lady's, gentlemen's C ladies', gentlemen D lady, gentlemen

12. The at the talks made a deep influence on


A Minister of Foreign Trade's speech, peace's B Minister's of Foreign Trade' speech, peace C Minister of Foreign Trade's speech, peaceful D Minister of Foreign Trade's speech, peace

13. The official is a table containing the holy days,

, and festivals of the church.

A Christian church calendar, saints' days B Christian's church calendar, saint days C Christian church's calendar, saint's days D Christian's church's calendar, saints' days

14. The most beautiful of carved jade in the form of

ornamental pieces, such as vases, bowls, tablets, and
statues, many of which are now , were made in China.

A specimen, museum pieces B specimens, museum pieces C specimen, museum's pieces D specimens, museum's pieces

15. Various of the are cereals, cultivated for their

, which is used as food.

A species, grass family, seed

B speci, grass family, seeds

C species, grass's family, seed

D speci, grass's family, seeds

16. The stone identified as a was the first step in

opening the fields of that region, which have be­
come the greatest in the world.

A 21-carats diamond, diamonds B 21-carat diamond, diamonds C 21-carat diamond's, diamond's D 21-carat diamond, diamond

17. She was well aware of her extraordinary good looks,

and was perfectly prepared to discuss , just as a

man seven high might talk of advantages and in­
conveniences of being tall.

A them, foot C them, feet

B it, foot D it, feet

18. There enough to suggest that job stress may

increase a man's risk of dying from disease.

A are, evidences, hearts B is, evidence, heart C is, evidence, heart's D are, evidence, heart

19. At its height in the early 1900s, the British Empire

included over 20 of the land area and more

than 400 people.

A percents, world, million

B percent, world's, millions

C percent, world's, million

D percents, worlds', million

20. The history goes back to 1808.

A state's newspaper's B state's newspaper C state newspaper's D state newspapers'

The Article

Test 3

1. African cheetah is believed to be fastest ani­
mal on earth.

A An, the, the C , ,

B The, , D The, the,

2. most cats hunt in dim light, but they also

hunt in dark and in daylight.

A , , the,

B The, the, the, the

C , , ,

D The, the, , the

3. Captain Cook reached Cape of Good Hope

in spring of 1771 and sailed via St. Helena

in the South Atlantic before arriving in England in July 1771,

A The, the, , the C The, , , the

B , the, the, D , , the,

4. We must organize little dinner to celebrate

event. Tell her to come and see me at noon.

We'll speak about it.

A , an, the C the, the,

B a, the, the D a, the,

5. She remained on deck until midnight, and

following day she was carried up there again early

in morning.

A , , the, the C , , ,

B a, the, the, the D the, the, ,

6. On the second day of our voyage, before we reached
Zanzibar, Camellia ran into ____ bad weath­
er, and most of the passengers became seasick.

A the, the, the, the

B , the, ,

C , , a, the

D the, the, a,

7. Until the nineteenth century, carpet was usually con­
sidered work of art and was made by hand.

A the, , ,

B a, a, the,

C the, a, ,

D a, , the, the

8. At last war ended, but the transition from

war to peace was painful for both sides.

A the, the, the C a, a, a

B , , D the, ,

9. morning after morning of late he has

taken his walk in the same direction trying to see her again.

A A, a, the C , ,

B The, the, D A, a,

10. common autumn phenomenon in central and

eastern USA and in Europe is Indian sum­
mer, a period of unseasonably warm weather

that sometimes occurs in late September and Oc­

A The, the, the, the, the,

B A, the, , the, the, the

C A, , , , , the

D A, the, , , ,

11. By late 18th century and Captain Cook's

exploration of southern Pacific, much of

world had been mapped.

A the, the, the, the

B , , the

C the, , the, the

D the, , ,

12. In 1620, group of Leyden Puritans, 101 men,

women and children, set out for Virginia on

board Mayflower.

A the, the, the, the C a, , a, the

B a, , , the D a, the, a

13. At zenith of their power in Middle Ages

craft guilds had enormous power over their mem­

A , the, C a, , the

B the, the, an D a, the,

14. He was a page, that is youth of noble birth

who left his family at early age to serve in the

family of man of rank.

A , the, an, a, the

B a, , an, ,

C the, the, the, the, the

D a, a, an, a,

15. dinosaur is a reptile that was dominant land

animal during most of Mesozoic Era but

became extinct at its close.

A The, the, the, the, the

B The, the, , the,

C A, a, , ,

D A, the, the, the, the

16. Only tiny percentage of plant species are di­
rectly used by humans for food, shelter,

fiber, and drugs.

A , , the, the C the, the, the, the

B a, , , D a, the, , the

Test 4

1. rice, wheat, corn, legumes, cotton, conifers,

and tobacco are items on which whole econ­
omies and nations depend.

A , the, the

B The, ,

C The, the, the
D , the,

2. tiger lives in Asia and belongs to same genus

as lion, leopard, and jaguar.

A The, the, the C , the,

B A, , a D The, ,

3. most of financial activities are crowded along

Threadneedle Street.

A The, the C ,

B The, D , the

4. The intersection is known as Bank, which in­
cludes huge Bank of England complex, Roy­
al Exchange, and Stock Exchange.

A the, the, the, the
B , , ,

C , the, ,

D the, , the

5. The busiest shopping area is Oxford Street, where

such large department stores as Selfridges,

John Lewis, and Marks and Spencer are located.

A , , ,

B the, the, the, the

C , , the, the

D the, the, ,

6. East End, beyond City of London and

Tower, has long been home of London's docks

and immigrants.

A The, the , C The, the, the, the

B , , the, the D The, , ,

7. centre of this educational establishment is

University of London in Bloomsbury, founded in


A The, , the C , the,

B The, the, D , , the

8. It is made up of number of colleges, schools,

and attached institutes, which range from Lon­
don School of Economics and Political Science to

King's College and several medical schools.

A the, , C a, ,

B a, the, the D the, , the

9. With average elevation of more than 4000 m,

Tibet is the highest region on earth sometimes

called Roof of World.

A , the, the, the

B the, , ,

C an, the, , the

D an, , the, the

10. apple, peach, pear, and apricot trees are culti­
vated in valleys of the region.

A , the C ,

B The, D The, the

11. musk deer, wild sheep, wild goats, wild don­
keys, yaks, and Tibetan antelopes are common

in mountainous areas.

A , , C The, the, the

B A, , D The, , the

12. On typical summer day, the temperature can rise

from 3°C before sunrise to 27°C by midday.

A the, the, the C the, ,

B a, , D a, the, the

13. most common material for rugs and carpets has

traditionally been sheep's wool, although in cer­
tain regions goat's or camel's hair is also used.

A The, the, the C , the, the

B The, , D , ,

14. At the end of the 16th century the first explorers of

South Seas mapped southern sky, which was

largely unknown to ancients.

A , the, C the, the, the

B , a, the D the, ,

15. During Renaissance, people thought that their

own age and time of ancient Greece and

Rome were advanced and civilized.

A the, the, the C the, the,

B , , D , the,

16. Because there were no rugs or tapestries, sounds

of the monks' prayers echoed from one end of the
church to .

A , the other C the, another

B the, other D , others

Tests |

1. East End has frequently been characterized by

poverty, crime, and slums.

A The, the C ,

B The, D , the

2. The church calendar includes the fixed feasts, such as
Christmas, and movable feasts, which de­
pend on the date of Easter.

A the, the, the C , ,

B , the, D the, , the

3. In 1722 several thousand Polynesians inhabited the island,

but diseases and raids by slave traders reduced

number to fewer than 200 by late 19th century.

A the, the, C , the,

B the, a, the D , the, the

4. The island was named by Dutch explorer who

landed here on Easter Day in 1722.

A the, C the, the

B a, D the, an

5. Born in Salinas, California, Steinbeck was educated

at Stanford University. As youth, he worked

as ranch hand and fruit picker.

A , a, a C the, the, the

B the, , D , , a

6. pearl is abnormal growth resulting from the

invasion of the body of the mollusk by minute

particle of foreign matter, such as fine grain of


A The, an, a, a C , the, , the

B A, , the, D The, an, the, the

7. jade has always been prized by Chinese and

Japanese as most precious of all stones.

A The, the, the, the C The, , the,

B , , , the D , the, the,

8. Sir Henry Morgan is said to have been kidnapped at

Bristol when boy and sold as servant on

West Indian island of Barbados.

A , , C the, the,

B a, a, the D a, the, a

9. wealth acquired from trade enabled up­
per classes to live in luxury.

A The, the, the, the C , , the,

B , , the, the D The, the, ,

10. cotton is still a principal raw material for

world's textile industry, but its dominant position has
been seriously eroded by synthetic fibers.

A The, the, the C The, ,

B , the D , the,

11. American inventors Elisha Gray and Alexander

Graham Bell applied for patent on telephone

on the same day.

A The, a, the C , a, a

B , the, the D The, the,

12. jade is highly valued gemstone used in


A The, the, C , a,

B , the, the D The, a, the

13. porcelain was first made by Chinese.

A The, , the C , , the

B The, the, D , the,

14. gold is extremely inactive. It is unaffected by

air, heat, moisture, and most solvents.

A , , the

B The, the,

C , ,

D The, ,

15. optical phenomena, such as rainbows and halos,

occur when light shines through cloud particles.

A , C The, the

B The, D , the

16. stone picked up by child on the banks of

Orange River in South Africa in 1866 was a

big diamond.

A , a, the, the

B A, a, ,

C , the, , the

D A, a, the,

17. E-mail and Internet are latest technolo­
gies that are spreading American English.

A , , , the

B , the, the,

C The, the, the,

The Pronoun Test 6

1. He closed one eye, but eye looked at me with a

strange expression as if he wanted to advise me of

but was forbidden to say .

A another, something, something B other, anything, anything C the other, something, anything D the another, anything, something

2. They covered three miles and came to a point

where they couldn't see vegetation: _ was cov­
ered with snow.

A other, any, all
B another, any, everything
C the other, no, each
D others, , the whole

3. He set to one side, disassociating from what

was going forward, watching running calmly.

A little, , the others

B a little, himself, another
C a little, himself, the others
D little, , the other

4. When I met her, her parents had perished and

she was dependent upon . She did not want

help and lived on own.

A either, her, anybody, her

B any of, hers, somebody's, hers

C both, herself, anybody's, her

D both of, oneself, everybody, oneself

5. of them quite knew what she meant, but was

sure that she could not bring to do it.

A Nobody, all, her

B Somebody, every, oneself

C No one, each,

D None, everybody, herself

6. I phoned her day, but she refused to
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